Become a Club Officer!

Clubs like CWPC are administered by a District Commissioner (DC) and other volunteer officers under the direction of Club Sponsors.   

The DC is the Club's Chief Administrator and is responsible for directing and managing all matters in the Club. The DC may be assisted by one or more Joint-DCs (Jt-DC). 

Each year, the DC will nominate 3-5 Club Sponsors to serve on a Nominating Committee, and the Club Sponsors will elect the Committee based on these nominations.  The Committee is then responsible for putting together a slate of Officers for the upcoming year. and presenting the slate at the annual Sponsors Meeting.  The Sponsors will vote on the Secretary and Treasurer nominees and will also vote to recommend the DC and Jt-DC candidates for appointment  by the VRPC Regional Supervisor.

Job Descriptions:  Article 2 of the USPC By-Laws and Policies provide the fundamental responsibilities of club officers, with additional information found in USPC Policies.   

 To assist in the understanding of the duties and expectations of various club officer positions, you can read through the expanded job descriptions found on the USPC website:  District Commissioner     Club Secretary     Club Treasurer     CWCP also utilizes "Joint DCs" who do not have a specific job description but who assist the DC with specific assigned tasks and areas of responsibility.