Certificates and Certifications

2019 Club Certification Announcements

The next club certification D2-C2 day is Saturday,  November 9, 2019.

Download and printout, the Intent to Certify form.  Fill it out completely including your club DC's approval with signature. Scan and email to to register for a testing. All applications for testing must be complete and received by Saturday, September 28, 2019.

Non-CWPC members must have their club DC permission to test and prepay $150.00 at Make a Payment to CWPC to be scheduled for testing.

Certificates & Certifications for Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club Members

A completed Intent to Certify application form is submitted to the DC by the candidate at least 45 days in advance of a scheduled testing in which the candidate would like to participate D2 through the C2 certificates or at any time a candidate would like to request a testing.   Download the Intent to Certify form.   Depending on your rating goal, you may also need to submit your Health and Maintenance Record Book for review.   

New members are tested as soon as practical for the family after the USPC membership application paper hardcopy with original signature has been process by the USPC national office in Kentucky. 

Certificate testing dates will be offered twice a year for members from D1 through C2 or as needed. Other clubs may offer certificate testing dates on the Virginia Region website. Certificate testing fees will be shared by the club and candidates. If the candidate does not meet the standard of proficiency (SOP), cost of re-testing is the member’s responsibility.

Regular CWPC winter ground school, spring and fall lessons, camp, and discipline practices prepare members for advancement. Participation in Virginia Region Pony Club rallies, club winter ground school sessions, HB Preps, clinics, and USPC events prepare members for certificates and certifications. The pony club manuals, USPC reading list books and publications (some titles available to borrow from the CWPC library), and materials found on the USPC website ( i.e.: Standards of Proficiency, Certification Checklists, lesson plans, online quizzes, etc. are resources for independent study and preparation for meeting SOPs.

Certificates and Certifications from the CWPC Guidelines:

National Level certifications are facilitated on a National basis and hosted by a Region. Successful candidates are competent, all-around horsemen, active and contributing members of Pony Club, who participate in a variety of Pony Club activities, as well as thoughtful leaders who set an example for all levels. Information, test requirements and test schedules may be found on the USPC website ( on the National Level Testing page, found under the Resource tab.

Club/Center Level Certificates             National Level Certifications

D-1                                                      C+ (C-3 mounted before H-B unmounted)

D-2                                                      H-B (unmounted test)

D-3                                                      C-3 (mounted)

C-1                                                      B (mounted)

C-2                                                      H-HM/H/H-A (unmounted tests)

                                                           A (mounted)

See the USPC website ( under the resources tab>Standards & Testing>Club/Center Testing for materials to prepare for certificate advancement. 

More information and VRPC Club Level Certificate Testing dates offered by other clubs in the Virginia region can be found on the VRPC website at:

Some FAQs about testing: 

Who can sign off on a checklist?

Once the Intent to Certify application is made for a set date, the candidate can attend preps for the group of candidates. The prep instructor can sign off each item (mounted and unmounted) or makes recommendations for improvement on the checklist. 

The pony club instructor (who teaches to the USPC SOPs) can initial the checklist or orally recommend to the DC that the student may be a candidate for certificate testing.

Parent or DC does not initial the checklist.

Who signs the horse management and unmounted skills and knowledge checklist and the USPC Unmounted Badge work pages?

The candidate's instructors can sign off each item (mounted and unmounted) or makes recommendations for improvement on the checklist. 

The HM portions are taught during winter ground school, at camp and on your own as are the badges. The presenter or instructor, often an upper level pony club member, can initial that the candidate has been exposed to the material or completed the badge page or quiz (oral, written, or demonstrated) offered at the session during camp, a clinic or ground school. The candidate should study, review and practice the skills and knowledge as they participate in pony club activities.

Parent or DC does not initial the checklist or badge pages.

How do I know when my child is ready to test?

A candidate should apply for next certificate after participating in the rallies and opportunities offered at their current level and demonstrating the skills practiced at these opportunities: 

•    attend winter ground school; Pony Club spring and fall lessons; camp; practices and opportunities in disciplines and activities new to the candidate like games, fox hunting, polocrosse;   rallies like quiz rally, horseless rally,  D1-D2 rally for the experience of working with a team, meeting standards, demonstrating skills with respect, gaining independence and responsibility for their own safety and success in a safe environment with trained volunteers and officials.

•    volunteering for our club fundraising activities with other parents and members  (Twilight Polo and Jumper volunteer fundraising gate opportunities)

•    volunteering as a jump judge or other job with their parent to learn about the discipline and demands of eventing which is the basis of our traditional certificate standards