About Casanova-Warrenton

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club (CWPC) was founded in 1958 in the Casanova & Warrenton Hunt territories in Virginia.  An active club with over 50 participating members, CWPC functions and provides programming through volunteers, club sponsors, hired professional instructors, and the support and permission of USPC, a vital structured national educational organization.

CWPC junior members currently include 13 members 8 years old and under; 10 members 9—12 years old; 14 members 12—15 years old; 6 members 16—18;  and senior or adult members are 14 in number some parents new to horsemanship  and others youth Pony Club graduates. Members practice traditional riding disciplines riding on the flat, over fences and in the open.  Members enjoy competition and sport at all levels in dressage, eventing, fox hunting, show jumping, mounted games and polocrosse.  About 20 percent of CWPC members are male, 80 percent female.

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club can offer a full program of camp, lessons, clinics, ground school and certification testing at a very low fee to our members from the income earned from our community service to the Great Meadow Foundation.

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club is grateful to continuously partner with the Great Meadow Foundation since 2005, thus identifying our club’s success centered around our volunteer activities at Great Meadow, The Plains, Virginia. Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club volunteers welcome guests to Twilight Polo every Saturday, and to Twilight Jumpers four Friday evenings, during the summer season. We direct traffic, greet guests driving in, collect the event fee per car, and offer the evening’s printed program. In addition, since at least 2013, Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club leads Fourth of July polo pony rides on ponies provided by Great Meadow Polo School. Volunteer members lead over 150 pony rides for the general public for the Great Meadow Foundation, raising about $750.00 in just a few hours before the fireworks begin at dusk!

Community service to preserve open spaces like Great Meadow make Pony Club activities available to our members possible by providing funds and first class facilities for equestrian sports.


USPC Pony Clubs and Riding Centers are assigned to one of 42 geographical regions, which are administered by a volunteer Regional Supervisor (RS) and other appointed and elected officers. Regions offer additional activities and opportunities for members and support for the club and center leaders under their administration. Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club is part of the Virginia Region. Visit the region's website for the contact information for the Regional Officers.

Visit the Pony Club website to learn more about the Pony Club educational program, national events, activities and opportunities for members.