Join Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club!


Interested in riding and taking part in the fun and educational offerings of Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club?

You and your family are invited to meet us and observe a mounted or un-mounted meeting, activity or regional rally or event. Check our Calendar or email a DC for date and location information. Attend a meeting, lesson, Club Clinic Day, games or polocrosse practice - if a youth member, with a parent or guardian.

You don’t need a horse to join Pony Club, just a passion and commitment to learn horsemanship, for them to benefit from the skills, habits and values instilled through horsemanship that will apply to every part of their lives. Pony Club fosters superb equestrians, extraordinary citizens and lifelong friendships. As you commit to advancement in Pony Club certification, the family must be able to provide a mount and trailering in order to continue to participate.

Ready to Join? 

Complete the USPC National Membership Form with original signatures. US Mail the membership application and total payment (see schedule of fees) to Jennifer Carpenter, CWPC DC,  35805 Allder School Rd, Round Hill, VA 20141, or deliver in person at our next meeting.

Youth Membership:  For individuals 25 years of age and under who wish to participate in mounted and unmounted meetings, clinics, rallies, certifications, exchanges and other special opportunities.  Learn more

Adult Membership:  This is a participating membership for anyone over the age of 18 who would like to begin or continue their journey through Pony Club. Education is based on the traditional Standards of Proficiency and allows adults to continue their educational goals in a structured atmosphere.  Learn more

Sponsors:  A vital member of our club, often a parent, adult member or alumni, or community members interested in the welfare of our Pony Club.   Sponsors' vote for club officers,  execute club business, and aid the District Commissioner (DC) in planning, organizing, and running club activities.   Learn more

Horse ownership is not a requirement for membership but access to a horse is necessary to participate in mounted activities. CWPC is not responsible for providing a horse but can help you identify resources to borrow, lease or buy a suitable mount. To participate in mounted activities the rider must be safely mounted and be able to walk, halt and turn with control in a group. 

Parents and sponsors attend 2 club business meetings per year. See the calendar for location to attend. You will learn how Pony Club and how to participate.