Mounted Games

Virginia Region Pony Club Games Rally 
Sunday, August 29, 2021, Great Meadow, Fleming Farm Aena, 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains VA

Casanova-Warrenton Pony Club hosts the Games Rally for the Virginia Region.  Many members participate as competitors or volunteers with family or friend sponsors having fun with riders of all ages.  Volunteer as lane judge, set equipment, or help in the lunch and snack tent as club fund raiser!

Divisions are offered for all ages and riding or games skill abilities. The youngest Pony Club members can ride in a lead-line first-timer division.  Other divisions cover the range of riders who are new to games and wish to play at a slower pace, to competitive qualifying junior and senior teams.  All agree that Games Rally is the most fun rally of the year to attend.  

Mounted Games: Where Teamwork Begins

You don’t need to be on a team, just bring your pony or horse, or borrow a mount, and learn how to play Mounted Games--one of the most fun Pony Club disciplines!  You don't outgrow your beloved pony!  Keep him/her fit and ride a fun team sport. 

Join Val and Jon Hoke. two very experienced Games players and instructors, for fun and exciting games practices, to include introductory lessons!  All are welcome!   

Friday evenings at 5:00-6:30 PM from March-May 2021 at Ballyclare Farm, 40395 Leila Lane, Waterford, VA 20197.

There is a $10 facility fee but the instruction is free!  Please RSVP to Val by Wednesday prior to practice: or text 703-509-8789.

Why Attend Practices?

  • Practice with or find a team to be a winner!
  • Improve your riding skills and confidence in the saddle.
  • Train your horse to be versatile and obedient in a group, thus a more appropriate and successful mount for a variety of activities.
  • De-sensitize your mount to equipment, noises, music, other riders,  and group activities.
  • To practice being a competitive, sportsmanlike team player able to recognize horse and rider strengths in order to use strategy with respect and success!

Val Hoke has been in Pony Club since age 5!  She has 30 years of Games experience.  She has qualified many times for USPC Championships in Mounted Games including 6 USPC Championship wins.  She has also been on winning teams twice for Prince Phillip Cup, twice for President's Cup and twice for the Founder's Cup.  In 2000, she was the first pick for US International Team.  She has been to England for Mounted Games Across America (MGGA) Pairs and is a current CWPC parent and MGAA member.

Jon Hoke, Val's husband, has been in Pony Club since age 7! He was on USPC Championship Games teams every year from 1994 until he aged out at 21 (back when you could age out).  He has been on winning teams twice for Prince Phillip Cup, twice for President's Cup and once for the Founder's Cup. He went to Australia with the International Games Team in 1999 and was alternate for USMGA World Team.  He is a current CWPC parent and MGAA member.